After receiving the confirmation email sent by HR/Supervisor, your will receive this confirmation email. Click on "Click here to verify your email."
The email verification code will be valid for 24 hours.

Click on Download Now, you will see the download page to download the staff app.


If your employee is on their laptops or computers, they can also click on the Download Now button to see the download links and QR codes.

Scan the QR Code to download the Staff App! (Scanning the QR code will automatically bring you to the iOS App Store page)

iOS: iOS users can also go to App Store and search for "Workstem" to download the apps.

Android: Android users can go to Google Playstore and search for Workstem to download the apps.

That's it! Your employees have now downloaded the Workstem Staff App and can log in.
Tip: First-time users need to log in via a one-time verification code. They can then set their passwords once they logged in successfully.

Staff First Log In

After successfully downloaded, you can choose to get the verification code by email or phone

Staff can view their shifts and clock in/out in this app

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